Coated abrasives are available with paper, cloth, fibre and foil backings.

Paper backings are low-priced and mainly used for applications placing low requirements on strength (finish grinding). Paper is grouped into different categories ranging from A (very light) to G(very heavy) based on its mass per unit area.

Cloth backings are notably more robust than paper backings and are, therefore, used more commonly in applications that require a higher level of tear resistance, e.g. stock removal grinding or profile sanding with abrasive belts. Here too, the portfolio of products ranges from lightweight, highly flexible cotton backings and cotton-polyester mixed fabrics to heavy, highly tear-resistant polyester fabrics, e.g. for stock removal grinding.

Fibre (vulcanised fibre) is a composite material composed of cotton and cellulose fibres which delivers a exceptionally homogeneous and stable backing.
Foil backings are made up of a thin polyester foil which makes for a remarkably plane and tear-resistant backing. They are used primarily with discs and belts used for the finish grinding of surfaces and, particularly, for grinding varnishes.

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