Rotational speed

The rotational speed indicates how many revolutions per unit of time a tool completes and is given in revolutions per second or per minute. In rotating abrasives, the maximum permissible rotational speed is a factor of key importance that results from the maximum operating speed specified in the applicable standards as a function of the tool diameter and is given in revolutions per minute (1/min. or min.-1).

All rotating abrasive tools have information on the maximum rotational speed at which the tool may be operated imprinted or engraved directly on the tool. The following product groups included in Klingspor's product line contain information on rotational speed:

  • fibre discs, fibre disc backing pads
  • Kronenflex cutting-off wheels and grinding discs; Kronenflex cup grinding wheels
  • abrasive mop discs SMT, cleaning wheel NCD 200
  • abrasive mop wheels, small abrasive and finishing mops
  • abrasive cleaning disc Power Wheel PW 2000
  • compressed non-woven discs MFW 600
  • quick-change disc (backing plate)
  • diamond cutting blades and diamond sanding pads
  • R-Flex wheels with elastic bonding, mounted points, mottling points
  • carbide burrs

For safety reasons, the user must never exceed the specified maximum rotational speed while using this tool (see also Maximum operating speed) as centrifugal forces and vibrations may otherwise destroy the abrasive, and split-off parts may result in severe injury.

From a standpoint of application efficiency, operating abrasive tools at maximum speed is often not advisable as this type of use will lead to, for instance, increased wear or the generation of high temperatures. This is why Klingspor prints information on the maximum permissible rotational speed along with information on the recommended speed on the label of some abrasives (e.g. SMT 800, SMT 850+, MFW 600, KM 613). When operated at this recommended speed, the abrasive tool allows the user to achieve the best possible results with regard to grinding performance, wear and service life.

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