Golden Expos first micro movie "Grinding Film"

Watch Klingsor's "Grinding Film"

This is a  love story happened in Klingspor Qingdao plant, which is warm and heartwarming, the film has poured blood into the icy industrial products. The hero is a Tibetan boy with dreams working in Qingdao. The whole movie starts from two young employees’ experience of life, and after a lot of laughs and misunderstandings, their love has finally been the unbroken firmness just like our discs to the ground. As an independent creative micro film of an enterprise, different from the implanting of hard advertising, Klingspor Qingdao pays more attention to the trivial detail and life experience. It makes the audience feel the diligently and rigor of a historical German enterprise. Every piece of grinding discs are similar to sincere love, which contains concentration and belief.